Letter Acknowledging Congratulations


Letter acknowledging congratulations – Courtesy requires that letters of congratulation should be acknowledged. In most cases in business a short, formal acknowledgment is all that is necessary.
The following would be a suitable reply to the letter of congratulation, the writer very properly takes the opportunity to acknowledge his debt to colleagues who have supported him in his work.

Here is a Letter acknowledging congratulations sample:

Harold Jackson
2200 La Rosario Road,
Birmingham ,
United States
(663) 223-22300

November 07, 2011

Ronald Lampard
1135 Golden Marcelo Street,
United States
(949) 223-555007

Dear Mr Fleming,

Thank you for your letter conveying congratulations on the award of my OBE.
I am of course happy that anything I may have been able to do for commercial education in my limited field should have been rewarded by a public honor, but at the same time I regard the award as being less of a tribute to me personally than to the work of my college as a whole — work in which I have always enjoyed the willing help and support of many colleagues.

Yours sincerely,

Harold Jackson