Personal Apology Letter for Stealing


An apology letter is a simplest way of saying sorry for your mistakes. It also helps you protect your relationships with the other person. One can often get forgiveness if he freely acknowledge his mistake and express sincere regret in his apology letter. You should begin your apology letter by saying a sorry. Secondly you should accept your offense. Then give the valid reason of stealing.

Rather writing crap stuff write the things that will help you to mend your relations with the recipient. Try to convince the recipient that the circumstances forced you to steal and also try to convince the recipient that you won’t repeat this in future. Close off the letter by apologizing again and with a warm note. A personal apology letter is written with warmth and sincerity. Keep your apology letter short and to the point. Remember you are asking for forgiveness so your tone must be respectful. Take the full responsibility of the crime you have committed.

Sample Apology Letter

Sam Dutt
Gulmohar Society
Marine lake Road

7th Feb’2011.

Subject: Apology letter for stealing money from office.

Dear Sir;

With due respect and bringing together all the strength and courage I wish to apologize for the blunder I did. I take the full responsibility for what happened last night.

I am extremely sorry for stealing the cash from your drawer. I know this is wrong. I wanted the money urgently for my daughter’s medical bill. In fact, if I have asked you for the money, you would have given me but I took the wrong way. I have broken your trust and our two-year old friendship, but I was helpless. We have been working together from last two years and u never treated me like an employee.

I know it’s a punishable offense but I need a single chance to prove my self. Please forgive me I assure you that I will never steal again in future. I will be highly thankful to you, if you accept my apology and forgive me for the same.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Aadi James