Club Membership Recommendation Letter


Writing a club membership recommendation letter is an easy task. The point to be noted is the type of club you are writing for must be considered. There are various types of clubs like golf clubs, boating club, swimming club etc. When you write a recommendation letter for club membership write the details as per the type of club.

Most of the clubs have membership fees; so many times you need a recommendation just because it is a rule. When you ask a member to write a recommendation, it is possible that he will agree to merely sign the letter and ask you to draft it.

So how do you recommend yourself? The advantage is you know yourself so it is not difficult; the only thing is don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and stick to the point. Don’t drive around for any reason. To clear your doubts below is a sample club membership recommendation letter.

Sample of club membership recommendation letter

Subject: Membership recommendation letter for Mr. Roan Keating to our Beach Town Boating & Sailing Club.

Candidate’s Name: Roan Keating

Address: XYZ Villa, ABC Street, Los Angles, 90101, CA
Telephone No.: 213-559-070

To the Board of directors,

I am John Rambo, a member of our boating club (Membership no. – A122005) for the past six years and am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Roan Keating for membership of our club. I have known him for the past one year as he lives in the house next door and has become a dear friend.

He is an enthusiastic person with great liking for boating and can be an interesting new member to our club; someone who will be actively involved in the activities of the club. He looks to be eager to join our club as it is one of the best we have in town.

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He owns an I-36 race vessel, a registered one; which he used in some races in the past couple of years in Miami. He previously had a Laser Sailing vessel as well. He has a sound experience of boating in both inland waters as well as oceans and has participated in many events winning some of them. He has the certificates of all the participation to show for evidence.

He has attended almost all the weekend events of our club in the past 10 months, ever since he knew that I am a member. He is curious about the events and always bubbling with excitement whenever he attends one. Once in a while we even have a heated discussion about what could have been better in the events.

Above all he is keenly interested in the racing event and even participated in a couple of races we had organized which were open to non-members; unfortunately lost on both occasions only by a whisker. Our club members are too good. He is interested to take the racing events to the next level and is brimming with ideas and plans to make it a reality. He also has some fantastic plan to raise money for the club and for attracting more people to join the club.

Overall he looks to be a promising prospect for our boat club and I am confident that you will welcome him to the club. I strongly recommend Mr. Roan Keating to be a member of our Beach Town Boating & Sailing Club.

Yours Sincerely,

John Rambo

This is a sample of club membership recommendation for a boat club. You can use the same format and make changes according to the type of club you are writing a membership recommendation for.

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