Cover Letter for SEO/SEM Specialist Job


Dear Hiring Manager:

I was aware about your need for a SEO/SEM Specialist for your company through your company’s website. I am very interested in this very position and I strongly believe that my skills and experience match the requirements listed for the position.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in __________ and a very good knowledge of HTML, DHTML, CSS and Microsoft Office programs. I also have knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social marketing and online marketing; and over four years of experience working closely with local companies. I know how top popular search engines algorithms works and know if there are any changes. I created and directed social media campaigns such as Facebook and Google Plus for the clients and jobs that I had. I can make use of the skills I have in this area to implement a variety of social media campaigns techniques and determine the one that works the best for your company. I read and make more research on SEO to get familiarized with updates on SEO and to use it to upgrade my skills on the field.

Apart from my educational and employment skills, I also have the communication skills to work with different departments to create strategies to improve optimization and to help the management understand what changes need to be made and why. I have very good analytical and problem-solving skills along with the ability to take care of several projects at once, and meet tight deadlines.

This opportunity will allow me to put my diverse competencies to work for you in adding value and continued growth with your company.  I have enclosed a copy of my résumé, which gives you specific information regarding my professional experience and education. I am excited about the possibility of joining your team and I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss my qualifications. I can be reached at the number listed above or via email. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

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Bruno James