Eviction Letter and Tips for Writing One


What is an Eviction Letter?

An Eviction Letter is a legal notice that is given or served by a landlord to a tenant, and it serves as a request to eject or quit a house, property or premise.  It is a legal and formal way to inform the tenant to leave the temporary authority of a land. An eviction letter also acts as a warning letter to the tenant in case he is reluctant to leave the property. Eviction cases are very popular in courts, and these letters serve as proof for the property owner regarding the reluctance of the tenant to leave the property of the owner.

An eviction letter is in favor of the landlord because he/she decorate his/her house with the hope to get some lease, but at the same time, the landlord is worried about the deterioration of his/her property. An eviction letter is a great tool and works in favor of the landlord. In some states or countries, an eviction letter is considered as an official notice from the landlord to the tenant.

How to Write an Professional Eviction Letter

Here are some useful tips for writing an effective eviction letter:

  • Try to include comprehensive details about problems because the tenant often tries to argue about the problem. You can also write your desired results or possible solutions.
  • Write the timeline by when you will take final action. Do not just state that; leave it promptly instead of it, give seven days or more according to the legal requirements. Do not give thirty days to resolve the issue because it is too much time.
  • In the eviction letter, clearly write what will happen if they do not comply in time. The most possible happening will be receiving an eviction notice on their
  • Write the letter in a professional manner with strong and non-threatening Simply state the facts and move on.
Business Letter of Recommendation

Sample Eviction Letter

Smith and Smith Service Group
Northern Luzon Company,
Camp General Servillano Aquino,
5551 San Francisco USA

Smith and Smith Service Group
2G Domingo C Holily PA (Ret)
Zone “C” San Francisco USA

January 17, 2012

Dear Mr. Sam

I am writing this letter on behalf of North Luzon Company of USA, regarding its south reservation located at Servillano Aquino, San Francisco.

It is a known fact that you are occupying a portion of the said south reservation and have built your house thereon. Your acts prejudice the interest of this company and the owner of this location in general considering that the land involved is classified as his personal reservation.

In this connection, consider this as a FINAL DEMAND for you to vacate the portion of the personal reservation of MR. Smith which you are occupying and remove the house which you have built on the premises within sixty (60) days from recipient hereof. Otherwise, I will be constrained to make representation for the employment of counteractive legal measures within the authority of the Smith and Smith Services of USA.

For your immediate action and compliance.

Very truly,

Francisco D Millard
Blue Cloner
Senior Barrister