Product Recommendation Letter


Companies come up with new and better ways to promote their products, to be able to sustain in the growing competition. They use various mediums like newspapers, television, radio, billboards and internet where they advertise their products. But a new and innovative medium these days is using an existing customer to promote their products.

Product recommendation letters is an exceptional way to promote the products as it gives a firsthand experience of a person who has already used the product and it adds credibility to the promotion as the customer has taking the trouble of drafting a recommendation letter.

More and more companies now days are using this medium to woo prospective customers in buying their product. Imagine when you walk into a Ford showroom a salesperson showing you a product recommendation letter instead of explaining you the features of the car you want to buy. Whop, is the effect it will have on you!

But writing a product recommendation letter is different from writing some recommendation letter for a human being. So, if you ever have to write a product recommendation letter, here is a sample for you.

Sample product Recommendation Letter

Subject: Product recommendation letter for XYZ sports watches.

Dear reader,

It is usually an opinion that all the wrist watches are just the same as we use them so unconsciously in our day to day lives. But ever since I started using the XYZ sports wrist watch I have changed my views and I have really in love with these watches.

I agree that the function of all wrist watches is the same, that is, to tell us the time. But do we just go and pick up a watch randomly? The answer is”NO”. We are very selective about them. We want some specific look of the watches we buy as they are usually seen as a reflection of our personality and status. We research for the colors, the look, the dial and the belt; in short we look into the minutest of details before buying a simple wrist watch.

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I am a sportsman by profession and I have used many sports watches over a period of time. But let me tell you, that these XYZ sports watches are different. The most important feature, which I prefer as a sportsman, is they are very light on weight, so they rest easily on your wrist. Their designs are wonderful and they have a wide variety of colors. I have four different ones and all have attracted curious eyes.

Also the most unique thing is that they always show you the exact time. Jokes apart, but I have developed a strong liking for XYZ sports watches and I recommend them to all who are into sports wrist watches. They also have other variants of watches which I have not tried yet, but going by the experience of the sports variant, I am sure others will be as good.


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This is a perfect sample for a product recommendation letter. You must have noticed that I have given a salutation as “Dear readers”, because I am not sure who is going to read it but a bit of personalization is required as it is nothing but an advertisement and you need to connect to the audience. Another important thing is that you have to really like a product very much in order to draft a good recommendation letter for it. If you write a product recommendation letter just for the sake of it you will not sound convincing. Also keep in mind that you don’t make it too long as the reader will usually have a short span of attention while reading such letters and to keep them interested, you can add a bit of fun to it.

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If you come across a product which you really feel like recommending to someone, you can use this sample to guide you in writing a product recommendation letter.