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Sample MBA Essay on Compassion in the Workplace

In life, I have learned that with age comes a greater appreciation for more extensive learning through the discovery of self and intellectual limitations. At the current stage of my career development, I feel that my current skills and knowledge could be further girded with a higher education befitting the skill sets required of a true business professional in the 21st century. As new and great challenges present themselves, so too do new opportunities in learning valuable real-life lessons arise.

As a former student active in sports, social and civic clubs, the values and morals that have been instilled in me in my previous scholastic and extra curricular endeavors have molded me into an individual whose goal is not merely to turn in a profit, but to observe sound morals and practices as well. My previous training in debate clubs and political science forums allow me to view competition with pre-emptive measures and a keen sense of gut feel that allows me to maneuver accordingly.

The cutthroat realm that is contemporary business makes for a barbaric arena where competitors and even co-workers are at each other’s throats all the time. My previous work with charities and civic groups has brought me a level of compassion that I would like to impart upon those whose lives I will be touching base with on a daily basis.

Of course, all this would be for naught if I would not be bringing all my previous experiences to the table as a corporate professional. I believe that combining the past with a business graduate education in the present would lead to a very bright and promising future. I also believe that through the analysis of the inner workings of management, finance and economics, I would be arming myself for future needs and rounding out my business acumen as a whole. These personal experiences and my own passion to succeed are what I primarily need to become a triumphant businessman, but these are not enough to stay competitive in the future as I would have to know the technical aspects of business as well.

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These are the reasons why I would like to enter into business school. Aside from learning all the abstract theories involved, I would also be working on the material aspects of business by working while taking the course. Once I have completed the course, I would like to take up a doctorate degree as it is my ultimate dream to become a professor of business in the future, guiding those who, like me, have a passion for the inner workings of business as well as the moral fiber and character to proceed within it in good faith.

MBA Essay by Experienced Administrator Seeking MBA Degree

Though an individual who has gone through numerous administrative positions, I feel that the arena of finance and business is so intricate and complex that I have only scratched upon the surface of a profession that runs deep with professional opportunities. Pursuing a Masters in Business Administration would allow me to further enhance my present skills by augmenting it with those that I am unfamiliar with, thus allowing me to take my knowledge of the industry to an entirely new level.

Being an only daughter in a middle class family that, much success was expected of me, especially since I would be the future breadwinner of my family when my parents retire. As such, it has always been my goal to develop a career based on a practical profession that offers lucrative propositions despite shifting trends in society and culture, and so I accomplished a degree in Business Economics with a concentration in Finance. My knack for mathematics coupled with my instinctive and family-values instilled views on money helped me breeze through being a student and being a professional in the field.

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I have had work experience ever since I was a student at high school, working at a café during after school hours and being a personal assistant part-time during the summer. Though I was earning money for myself, much of it went to helping my family get through the regular monthly bills, which taught me to make do and be especially careful of the little money that I had left for myself. My experiences with work and money aided me in deciding on my future career and the degree that I would eventually pursue.

In my studies as a university student, I had the privilege of working at a local finance firm that offered comfortable yet unchallenging tasks, prodding me to seek for more work related responsibilities in the field of finance and accounting. This stimulus led me to an account management job at a copyrighting firm where the stressful environment and on-demand deadlines trained me to think as a manager that produces results on time.

I currently hold an administrative position in an accounting firm, which is a job that I hold dear tremendously. It is extremely satisfying for me to be able to cull all the previous education and skill sets that I have acquired and apply them to work that is multi-faceted. Though I am certainly challenged by all the multi-tasking that I would have to do during the day, I still feel that this position contains a glass ceiling; a glass ceiling that must be broken in my desire to increase my career value.

It is with this intent that I propose my desire to undertake your MBA program. It is only through your course that I would be able to increase my knowledge about business and the world of finance, as well as enable me to enhance my current skill set.