Real Estate Agent Recommendation Letter


Writing a real estate recommendation letter means endorsing a realtor who has served you well; it’s a recommendation of his services to you when you got in touch with him for a property deal. This task would be easy if you had an experience in dealing with a very good real estate agent.

However, we come across many realtors and many times, after a lot of frustration we meet a good one. We tend to keep our perception based on the previous experience. Be sure that you have a changed opinion once you met a genuine real estate agent and write a recommendation accordingly.

Mention all the good services he might have lent like calculating a reasonable price, advertising, answering calls and questions; and doing all of this very courteously. Mention his professional as well as personal attributes in all the interactions you had with him.

To give you some guidance below is a sample real estate agent recommendation letter when you feel you want to endorse a realtor you dealt with.

Sample Real Estate Agent Recommendation Letter

Date: November 12th 2011.
Place: Chicago, Texas Subject: Recommendation for John McGrath as a realtor

To the clients of John McGrath,

When my spouse and I started working with John McGrath, we thought we were in an unworkable situation. Just four months earlier, we bought a brand new house. Then out of the blue my husband received transfer orders to relocate to another city and we had no other option, but to sell it off. Both of us panicked that the worst is yet to come; that we would lose all our savings for our first down-payment and not have any money to start with once we moved to a new city.

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We initially planned to try and sell by ourselves to keep away from expenses of paying fees to a real estate agent. Later we felt that we would not be able to secure a good price unless we hired the services of a realtor. We got in touch with many real estate agents, but found that they were no good until we met John McGrath.

When we first met him, he allowed us to explain our situation and patiently listened to our concerns. He lent a hand to estimate the price of our house so that we can have a fair deal without losing our original down payment. John then went ahead and placed an advertisement in the local newspapers. By comparing our habitat with other houses in the vicinity, he assisted us in setting up a sound price that left us enough scope to bargain with buyers before hitting our base price.

In a couple of weeks, our house was under agreement at a price $ 8,500 higher than our affirmed base price. After owning our home for just four months, we were competently sold it for roughly $ 20,000 extra than the original price of our purchase, thanks to John. In really tough times, he helped us to accomplish the unattainable, and now we can enthusiastically look forward to buying a new dwelling in a new city with our down payment secured!

As a professional realtor John came across someone who knows the tricks of the trade and as a human being he is very courteous. Easy to talk to, good at listening to his clients, easily available, and at all times quick at returning our calls or to respond to our queries. Above all, John is one Real Estate Agent who makes it a point to help you meet your purpose rather just fulfilling his goals.

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I strongly recommend John McGrath the Realtor!


Graeme Swann.

Above is a sample real estate agent recommendation letter. You must have noticed that the place is also mentioned in the beginning so that we can confirm that Mr. ABC is a great realtor in XYZ place. In the salutation we have addressed to the clients of the realtor which emphasizes the fact that we are highly impressed with the service of the real estate agent.

The letter is in a coherent format, so you can use it by making minor changes as per your needs to recommend a real estate agent who served you well.