Sorority Recommendation Letter


Sorority recommendation letters are usually written to recommend a friend/sister/cousin to a sorority you belong to. Most sororities prefer a recommendation letter for including new members. It adds credibility to the new entrant and gives a brief idea about the qualities of the entrant.

While writing sorority recommendation letters some important things should be kept in mind. Introduce yourself upfront and mention the chapter you belong to. For example: ‘Sigma Nu, California State University, Los Angeles Chapter’. Make sure that you send the photograph of the girl along with the letter. It helps in identifying the looks. Highlight the strengths and likes of the girl. Do not overdo. Just mention stuff in which she is really interested in. It is not a college application letter or job recommendation letter, so don’t give a life sketch of the person. Mention activities she loves doing and has been involved in consistently for years. Avoid the one off community service she might have carried out.

Make her sound an interesting person. Get all the information you need. Interview the girl if possible. Make the reader believe that she is the coolest person you have interacted with on campus. Below is a sample of a sorority recommendation letter for your reference.

Sample Sorority Reference Letter

Subject: Sorority recommendation for Jane Aniston.

Dear Sisters of Sigma Nu,

I am Jenifer Parker of the College of Theatrics, San Francisco Chapter of Sigma Nu and I am writing a recommendation for Ms. Jane Aniston. Jane has been a dear friend for the past five years and is keen to join our University Chapter in Los Angles. I am sure that she will be a wonderful member. Jane is clever and fun to be around. She is level headed and a compassionate person. Over the years she has been very active in various school and community activities. In high school, she was the President of a student organization and was the captain of the school baseball team. She was nominated for the Prom Queen thrice and has won it once

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She has been active in community service though various organizations and has been especially involved with CRY America. She is a good student who has got good grades consistently. She is also a very honest and supportive friend, someone who willingly goes that extra mile to help out friends. Her spunky and charismatic character only means that she is surrounded with people and she literally lights up a place by her mere presence.

Jane comes across as a person who is genuine and good at heart and shares a great rapport with her peers and her friends are never shy from praising her. She has been a dear friend of mine for the past five years and I believe her character personifies that of Sigma Nu. She gives herself completely to the tasks he undertakes and will prove to be an interesting and fruitful addition to your chapter.

I am confident that once she becomes a member of Sigma Nu she will bear its name with poise and satisfaction. I am always available in case of any concerns regarding Jane.

I recommend her for the membership and request you to consider her as a member of your chapter.

Thanking you,
Jenifer Parker
Enclosed: A photograph of Jane Aniston for your reference

Note: If you are writing the recommendation through an e-mail attach the photo copy and in the subject line make sure to mention the name of the person you are recommendation.

Above is a sample of a sorority recommendation letter which you can modify and use as per your needs. Before asking someone for writing a recommendation, research on the kind of sorority you want to associate with.

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Some sororities prefer recommendation forms instead of letters. Be informed and ask for a letter from a person who knows you well. Make sure that the photograph you give is a nice one. Provide all the information about your likes and your achievements in detail for clarity and to ease the effort of the person who is recommending you to a sorority.