Tutor Recommendation Letter


Teachers writing recommendation letters for student is an old phenomenon. Nowadays, students or their parents are asked to write a recommendation letter for teachers. Tutor or teacher recommendation letters are usually requested by schools to build up a reputation. It can be for a specific teacher or for a group of teachers.

Tutor recommendation letters are good feedback about teachers. If you are a student and you are asked to like one such recommendation, it is an easy task because you have a firsthand experience of the teachers. But if you are a parent you, will be convinced about the quality of teachers by the progress of your kids, but to write a recommendation you may have to do a bit of research by getting the details from your child.

Sometimes you may have requests from fellow teachers to write a recommendation for them as they are about to switch jobs. Whatever the scenario, you have to highlight the qualities of the teacher in a tutor recommendation letter. To help you in drafting these letters, below is an example of a tutor recommendation letter by a student.

Sample Tutor Recommendation letter

Subject: Tutor recommendation for teachers of Saint Peters high school

To whom it may concern,

I am one privileged student to have studied at Saint Peters high school and have had a great learning experience. The teachers in this school are highly qualified in the subjects they teach and are extremely skilled in conducting the classes.

Each and every teacher; be it the math teacher, the language teacher or the science teacher are proficient in their respective subjects and all have unique and effective styles of teaching. Even the sports teacher is fantastic and is always keen to guide students in the games of their interest.

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All teachers at Saint Peters have the ability to drive home the point and if someone does not understand a topic, they are never shy of explaining it all over again or trying a different approach. The science teachers will always encourage students to think differently, while the language teachers like to make students perform in the class to make a better understanding. The mathematics teachers are great at playing with the digits are always up with some new ways to make it a fun learning activity.

In my four years of high school education I have become a complete student because all the teachers at Saint Peters high school are great and their focus is always in the interests of all the students. I am looking forward to pursue a career in English language, but the knowledge and interests I have gained in other subjects can easily make for any other career.

I am really lucky to have studied under the keen eye of such great teachers and I am sure all my batch mates would be feeling the same. I therefore make a strong recommendation for the teachers of Saint Peters high school as well as for the school.


Tom Adams

This is a tutor recommendation letter written by a student who is just passed out of high school. The letter is for all the teachers of the school, something that adds on the goodwill of the school.