Sample Reflective Essay on Tobacco


How Tobacco Is Affecting People In The United States

I observed that many people in the United States engage in tobacco smoking although at a reducing rate. This bothers me so much that I wonder if these people ever realized the damage tobacco is doing to their body, and even the environmental and social effects. This essay will brief on how tobacco is affecting people in the United States.

Tobacco users in the United States always have health or medical challenges. It is glaring and I know that most of tobacco users are patients of cancers, lungs, liver, kidney, heart diseases and much more. This brings emotional, financial and psychological problems to them, family, and loved ones. They spend much money on treatment sometimes.

Additionally, Tobacco has brought about social discrimination among the people in the United States. This discrimination occurs between people with different beliefs about tobacco use. Those who don’t take tobacco discriminate from those who do. For me, this statement is true because I don’t associate with tobacco smokers. A tobacco smoker may lose his/her job or will not be offered one if his/her employer is against tobacco smoking.

Even with the declining rate of tobacco use in the United States, I still see people of low socio-economic status (SES) that continues to use and create value for tobacco. I found out that their immediate environment permits smoking, and this is rampant among girls and women.

There is something I am aware of about tobacco and that’s, the more it is consumed, the more the addiction to it. Addiction to tobacco may lead to financial problems because more money is spent on tobacco just like the drug addicts.

Medical and social effects of tobacco on people in the United States, which are health effect, social discrimination, continuous consumption and addiction, are all adverse. Therefore, government and civil organizations should create awareness about dangers of tobacco. United State government should make policies that will discourage and reduce tobacco consumption.